Yoga Vidya: Yogic knowledge

Take a journey with us into the heart of yoga through practice-based study …

Experiential Philosophy

Yoga is an age-old philosophy. A philosophy grounded in practice. Take a closer look at our philosophy subjects through the lens of practice.

Class Archive

For students wishing to follow recorded classes we have a range class archives in Asana and Pranayama.
A monthly subscription to our live streamed classes delivers access to home practice material also.

Pranayama Subjects

Pranayama is the Yogic art of breathing. Our pranayama subjects are structured to take the student on an inward journey. Through practice we experience pratyahara (sense withdrawal).

Term 2, 2024. Study Focus Subjects

Each term we focus on two subjects. Enrol in one or both subjects and book to attend the Reflective Practice-Sessions (RP-S)  These classes can be attended either in studio or online and draw on the content covered in the subject along with forum submissions made by participants.  Join us as we Learn/ Study/ Practice & participate in this dynamic community of practice. Bookings for our Reflective Practice-Sessions can be made through the Yoga Mandir timetable.  The name of the class is Reflective Practice Session.

Our focal subjects for Term 2, 2024 are T-Ph23. Conscious pause & P-10 Bhastrika & Kapalabhati. Enrol at any time.

T-Ph23 Conscious pause

There are three transformations which take place in medi­tation. At the very beginning of his Yoga Sutras, Patanjali says that stillness of the mind is yoga. Later, he says that when a person is trying to still the mind, there is an opposition which occurs as new thoughts or new ideas arise in the mind.

P-10 Bhastrika & Kapalabhati

‘Bhastrika means bellows: air is forcibly drawn in and out as if using a pair of bellows. In all other types of pranayama inhalation sets the pace, the pattern and the rhythm for exhalation, but in bhastrika exhalation sets the force and the pace. Here both out and in-breaths are vigorous and forceful’.

Yoga Vidya

The word vidya means knowledge or wisdom. Yoga Vidya is a source of knowledge about yoga. For over 10 years we have been delivering subjects to students for independent study. Yoga Vidya is underpinned by the Digital Research Library (DRL), the largest systematic digital resource library of Iyengar Yoga in existence. The DRL has been developed over more than 20 years and contains articles, book extracts, audio and video recordings systematically filed by subject so that you can experience the breadth and depth of our system through our subjects. Our subjects allow you to learn, study and practice Iyengar yoga through the voices and writings of our most experienced teachers.

Sneak peak inside

Wondering what the experience looks like when enrolled into a course? Please take a look at the video where Alan Goode walks through a course showing how the course content is presented .

You can enrol in our free subject to review the content T-Ph04 Taster.

Objective knowledge and subjective experience

‘Knowledge has two facets. One is objective and the other subjective. Objective knowledge is based on speculation, thinking and analysis, whereas subjective knowledge is to verify the objective knowledge with experience. Subjective knowledge comes through practical experience and objective knowledge is earned through theoretical study. Yoga is both a practical as well as a theoretical subject ... One puts this objective knowledge or the acquired knowledge into practice, so that one experiences the reality of the objective knowledge’ BKS. Iyengar

Alan Goode Yoga Mandir
Alan Goode - Yoga Mandir Founder

Yoga Mandir understands that yoga is learned through a practice and Yoga Vidya is our study platform for students who wish to delve deeply into the subject to inform their practice.

I have been travelling to India for close to 40 years to study with my teachers and yet the journey of yoga is one of independent practice. What we need is the input of teachers who have lived a life in practice and who understand its demands and benefits.

The history of Yoga is that it is taught from teacher to student (guru to sisya). Our subjects are taught by a teacher, who had a teacher, who had a teacher. We trace our lineage through Prashant Iyengar, Geeta Iyengar, BKS Iyengar, TKV Krishnamacharya back to Patanjali. We offer audio, video and written material of this lineage wherever possible in our subjects so that you too can follow this lineage.  

Over almost 50 years of yoga practice I have learned that students bring yoga into their lives when they understand the subject more fully. Having a practice of asana is not enough to get you to the mat each day or to sustain your interest.

Yoga is a quest to understand oneself and the world around us. It truly is a search for meaning


This downloadable PDF is provided as a comprehensive reference document for maturing Yoga practitioners (sadhakas) who have a firm grounding in asana techniques and are seeking to strengthen their home practice.

It outlines the key philosophical concepts that underpin the practice of Yoga, whilst also providing guidance on how to go about establishing and deepening a home practice over time.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Yoga Mandir is a community of yoga practitioners with sound and excellent teachers in an Academy of people working towards greater balance, harmony and strength in themselves and we take this out to bring positive energy to the world from.
From Canberra
Yoga Mandir is about helping me to pay attention to my body, mind and breath which benefits all part of my life
From Canberra
Yoga Mandir is my space where I come to exist, on the mat (like a room really) and I don’t really notice others in that room. But mainly it’s a place where I challenge and notice the chatter in my head- to disagree with the chatter, acknowledge and hopefully ignore it. And more and more I do this in my everyday life. Yoga Mandir has helped me to recognise and understand that chatter.
From Canberra
Yoga Mandir is a safe haven to learn and Practice yoga, inspiring me to be more at peace with myself and surroundings. A place I can be true to myself- like another family.
From Canberra
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