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TD-TM. Teacher Mentor Program

In 2021 Iyengar Yoga Australia (IYA) updated the Teachers Certification Handbook (TCH) with details of the new assessment structure. The following statement is reproduced from the TCH page 15-16 … ‘A Level 2 teacher may begin to mentor up to 2 trainees under the supervision of a Level 3 or above registered Teacher Trainer who […]

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T-T08 Pregnancy

Welcome to this subject on pregnancy. From conception to birth, a woman’s body undertakes an amazing process of fertilisation, implantation and the development and growth of her baby (or babies). Whether first, second,(or more) pregnancy, each body will react differently to each individual pregnancy. This subject is delivered in two parts: Online resources and practical

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This subject holds an overview of the internship program at Yoga Mandir. Internships allow successful applicants to work directly in the daily life of the Institute, attending, assisting and supporting the smooth running of the school. Internships are ideal for those living outside of Canberra who wish to come for a period of intense study,

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T-T07. Handling diversity

Iyengar states: ‘Yogic methods gives the maximum and the minutest techniques for the cure of a soiled body and mind. In this sense, yoga is therapy. Therapy is treatment The treatment for a disorderly mental and physical condition or disease by remedial techniques is called therapy.’ Iyengar, Yogic therapy Astadala yogamala vol3. Handling diversity identifies

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T-T06. Art of Teaching

In the Tree of Yoga Guruji writes, It is relatively easy to be a teacher of an academic subject, but to be a teacher in art is very difficult, and to be a yoga teacher is the hardest of all, because yoga teachers have to be their own critics and correct their own practice. The

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T-T03. Skill & Methods in teaching

The Lineage of each Yoga tradition determines the Methods we apply. This subject looks at how we develop skills through practicing teaching exercises in order to apply our methods to achieve Patanjali’s Yoga Practices. We consider how to maximize learning with an emphasis on Abhyasa. BKS Iyengar teachers apply Technique, Timings, Sequence and Repetition as

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TD-RPT. Reflective Practice-Teacher

Reflective Practice-Teachers (RP-T) is made up of Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers who meet regularly to discuss issues of teaching and practice with colleagues. These discussions are guided by senior teacher Alan Goode and aim to provide peer support to individuals through this ongoing group dialogue. Reflective Practice-Teacher builds upon a basic skillset identified in the

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