Yogasana Subjects

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Y-02. Yama

‘The five components of yama are called ‘mighty universal vows’, as they are not confined to class, place, time or concept of duty. They should be followed unconditionally by everyone, and by students of yoga in particular, irrespective of origin and situation, with a reservation concerning cultural phenomena such as religious ceremonies, vows and vocations […]

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Y-01 Niyama

‘Among the eight limbs, the first two limbs, yama and Niyama, are often neglected by the practitioner. However, every practitioner must remember that first and foremost, yogic practice is built on these two pillars. Yama (restraints) and Niyama (observances) make the sadhaka (practitioner) physically, mentally, morally and spiritually fit to continue Yoga practice … …

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