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A-BB. Backbending

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This subject is under development and will become available in 2022. It looks to provide a diverse range of resources for students who wish to delve deeply into the subject area.

The following quote is taken from an interview from 1991 by Patricia Walden and Victor Oppenheimer:

In the asana systems the most advanced postures are the backbends. The human structure is such that the idea does not strike anyone that the spinal vertebrae can be moved backwards as well as forward and sideways, without causing injury. In the field of yoga, backbends are not taught at the early stages in the practice of this art, but only when the body is trained and when it is tuned and toned to such an extent that it can accept these poses. Backbends are to be felt more than expressed.

BKS Iyengar

The material in this subject is not intended for the learning of asanas as this is the role of a teacher. The 10-week subject brings together a diverse range of material including Video extracts from conventions, articles, audio class recordings and book extracts to deliver a literature review. An individual may elect to enrol more than once at different points in time to revisit or revaluate the content. Enrolment periods are not extended

This subject is best broken into weekly segments for review so as to best digest the material. For example, a video may be viewed 2 or 3 times across a week prior to practice or an article printed to read during the evening before the next day’s practice. By listening to our teachers in their own words we reflect on our own understanding. By hearing the different ways our teachers present their work during different conventions and events we are exposed to the depth and breadth of our system

The content will continue to be expanded over time  

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