IYA. Assessor-Moderator Reflective Practice

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Reflective practice

With the introduction of the New Australian Assessment Guidelines in 2022 there is a pressing need for the assessing community to develop a consistent understanding of the new levels, their relationship to one another and the way an individual is assessed. Given the decentralised nature of our assessment structure where individual assessing committees are formed under the guidance of a coordinating moderator there is a further need to deliver consistency of outcomes across committees over time.

The Covid pandemic has presented us with opportunities that were not possible previously. The community has become familiar with online classes and meetings, and due to lockdowns Assessments have been conducted on these platforms. Assessor-Moderator Reflective practice is a response to these opportunities and can be seen as an ongoing, cost effective way for shaping assessments, training new assessors, reviewing processes and individual assessor performance.

Reflective practice brings assessors and moderators together in a structured encounter to exchange views and to reflect upon ways of viewing candidates through pre-recorded segments. Access to these pre-recorded segments are provided a minimum of 1 week prior to a scheduled meeting of the group. Meetings are conducted on Zoom and are schedules for 90 minutes. The moderator coordinates the meeting and the exchange

Reflective practice is of 4 types

  1. Moderator exchange. Where 4 moderators meet having reviewed a recorded teaching segment
  2. Assessor exchange. Where 3 assessors plus a moderator meet having reviewed a recorded teaching segment
  3. Assessor feedback. Where 3 assessors plus a moderator meet and each assessor gives verbal feedback from notes that have been taken whilst watching the recording
  4. Feedback reports. Where 3 assessors plus a moderator meet to discuss Feedback reports that are submitted by each assessor prior to the meeting. Roleplay where the moderator and one assessor acting at the referring teacher discuss the outcome.

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