LHP-01 Foundation 1. Learn

‘Many people are hesitant to start a practice. Students may attend yoga class every day but may lack the discipline to practice on their own. Although the same asanas have been taught several times, the students act as if they are doing them for the first time. If I haven’t taught the asana for a few months they feel as though it was never taught before. So much is the covering on our memory. It fades and fails. That’s why people think a new asana is being taught. The faculty of memory requires a reminder. On one hand, the memory fails and the people often fail to practice. On the other hand, if they are practicing, they just give it a light touch, a short practice. They have only a short amount of time and just want to do a few things for 10-15 minutes and think they have practiced a great deal. They just want to make an attempt. That attempt is so poor that they are not sure what they really practiced.’

Iyengar, Geeta. Geetaji on practice. RIMYI November 1997