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P-02. Pranayama Setups

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BKS Iyengar writes that:

’We all breathe, but how many of us do so correctly, with attention? Bad posture, an ill-shaped or caved-in chest, obesity, emotional disorders, various lung troubles, smoking and uneven use of the respiratory muscles, lead to improper breathing, below one’s capacity. We are aware of the discomfort and disability which then arises. Many subtle changes take place in our body as a result of poor breathing and bad posture, leading to heavy breathing, inadequate pulmonary function and aggravation of heart disease. Pranayama can help to prevent these disorders and help to check or cure them, so that one can live fully and well.’

The subject is in six parts and applies the Learn, Study and Practice modes due to the subject focal area. P-02 Pranayama setups is a practical subject, and our mode of engagement is therefore practical.

It is advisable to not rush through our subjects consuming the content quickly. Apply a reflective mode where you might read an article prior to or immediately after practice. Where quotes are used, they are often accompanied by an extract of the text. Look up other quotes used (as they often have the source and page noted) and read a complete portion of the text. You might consider covering one part of the subject each week. P-02 is a lifetime enrollment

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