PPR-01 Pranayama Practice Resources Unit 1

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Welcome to this subject Pranayama Practice Resources Unit 1. Focus: Ujjayi, Bhramari, Viloma, Kumbhaka, Anguli Mudra

The subject is designed to provide students with a regular practice structure for consistency and progression across a number of weeks

The aim is for students to practice regularly following the recording once or twice per week whilst being able to review the class notes of each audio recording prior to the practice so equipment can be readily available.

This subject holds a 10 week period of focus and is presented in the following modes: Learn/ Study/ Practice

  1. in the Learning mode we review the details and definition of an area of enquiry
  2. in the Studying mode we look at details and nuance whilst hearing from the teachers of our lineage
  3. the Practicing mode focuses on doing where individuals practice to recorded sequences recorded by Alan Goode

‘Although breathing is a natural process for all, astonishingly enough, many people have faulty inhalation and exhalation. Therefore the basis of Pranayama, which is correct inhalation and exhalation, should first be mastered. Variations of Pranayama can then be learned later with ease’. Read the extract Pranayama-Techniques-and-Effects

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