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Yoga Mandir is pleased to offer this short subject Pranayama. On the mat as an introduction to our updated Learning Management System (LMS) called Yoga Vidya. In the coming months we will expand the range of practice and studying material for students both nationally and internationally so that you can immerse themselves in the world of a practice of yoga.

This subject focuses on 2 Pranayamas namely Ujjayi and Viloma with each pranayama presented in the following modes: Learn/ Study/ Practice

  1. in the Learning mode we review the details and definition of an area of enquiry
  2. in the Studying mode we look at details and nuance whilst hearing from the teachers of our lineage
  3. the Practicing mode focuses on doing where individuals practice to recorded sequences recorded by Alan Goode

‘The prefix ‘ud’ means upwards or expanding. It also conveys the sense of pre-eminence and power. ‘Jaya’ means conquest or success, and, from another point of view, restraint. In ujjayi the lungs are fully expanded, with the chest thrust out like that of a mighty conqueror.

BKS Iyengar Light on Pranayama

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