SF-02 Kosas

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Study Focus SF-02 Kosas (sheaths)

This subject provides a range of audio class recordings and class notes for practice enquiry along with articles to explore the Kosas (sheaths). Access is for a 10 week period from enrolment. Thus, a student may practice to one recording per week to cover the material in the timeframe or using the recordings twice per week to cover the content twice.

Study Focus subjects (SF-1 to SF-08) are configured through the following modes: Learn/ Study/ Practice

  1. in the Learning mode we review the details and definition of an area of enquiry
  2. in the Studying mode we look at details and nuance whilst hearing from the teachers of our lineage
  3. the Practicing mode focuses on doing where individuals practice to recorded sequences recorded by Alan Goode

Yoga identifies five of these different levels or sheaths of being (kosas), which must be completely integrated and in harmony with each other in order for us to achieve wholeness. When these subtle sheaths are in disharmony, they become sullied like a mirror reflecting the tarnished images of the sensory and sensual world. The mirror reflects what is in the world around us rather than letting the clear light of the soul within shine out. It is then that we experience disease and despair. True health requires not only the effective functioning of the physical exterior of our being, but also the vitality, strength, and sensitivity of the subtle levels

BKS Iyengar, Light on Life
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