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The Sadhaka Program is a one year program designed for students who are looking to deepen their understanding of yoga and to develop their practice of yoga away from the classroom. The Sadhaka Program is delivered via four units that are run for 10 weeks each. 

Program Structure

Students enrolled in the program are required to:

  • Complete fortnightly modules focused on selected content from the Yoga Sutras
  • Develop a self-directed yoga practice following a structured practice guide aligned to the Yoga Mandir Sadhana booklet;
    • Initially students are required to complete a self directed practice three times per week, with each practice session holding a 30 minute duration.  This is increased over the four units of the program so that students develop a practice of yoga that amounts to 1.5 hours per session six days per week.     

The content of the four units is outlined in the following table:

UnitContentPractice Development
Unit 1 – Looking withinAction & Observation – Abhyasa and Vairagya. The senses. Tendencies and inclinationsAttend Foundation Practitioner Program and Led Practice (or follow audio classes and sequences provided)Focus on developing knowledge of AsanaDevelop regularity and duration of practice away from the classroom
Unit 2 – Differentiating experienceKriyayoga – Tapas, Svadhyaya and Isvara Pranidhana Kosas – The Five Sheaths The QuestsAttend Developing Practitioner Program and Led Practice (or follow audio classes provided)Continued focus on developing knowledge of AsanaStart to increase duration of practice away from the classroom
Unit 3 – The source of knowingKnowledge from experience. Levels of SadhakaAttend Established Practitioner Program and Led Practice (or follow audio classes provided)Focus on developing timings within Asana and sequencing a practiceContinue to increase duration of practice
Unit 4 – Ethical practiceAstanga Yoga – The Eight Disciplines: Observances-practices-outcomes. Developing concentrationAttend Established Practitioner Program and participate in leaders program (or follow audio classes provided)Focus on planning practice sessions and the content of practices across the week.  Continue to develop methods of sequencing a practice. 

The documents below provide an overview to the program

  • Sadhaka program Overviewa brief summary of the entire Sadhaka Program
  • Practice Plana template to help you plan your practice for each part
  • Practice log - you are required to use this template to record your practice, it is suggested that you print out multiple copies of these
  • Asana Stick figuresa listing of all the stick figures which you can reference when recording your practice


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