T-Ph04. Abhyasa & Vairagya

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Abhyasa and Vairagya describe the dual pathways of action and renunciation.  This subject examines the important role they play within practice and teaching.

In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali gives the 2 general means of practice. In the opening chapter he indicates Abhyasa/ Vairagya (Action and renunciation) for those who are supremely intense in their efforts and, in the second chapter he provides a second set of practices called kriyayoga – Tapas/ Svadhyaya/ Ishvara pranidhana; for those of more moderate means.

The subject is in 8 parts and contains articles, videos, quotes and class recordings. It is advisable to not rush through our subjects consuming the content quickly: apply a reflective mode where you might read an article prior to or immediately after practice. Where quotes are used they are often accompanied by an extract of the text. Look up other quotes used (as they often have the source and page noted) and read a fuller portion of the text. You might consider covering one part of the subject each week. Access to T-Ph04 is for 10 weeks.