T-Ph12. Conjunction & dissociation

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Prashant Iyengar says

‘What is an ‘object’? An object is something which you can know, something which you can keep in front of you and watch. Yoga, as you are all aware, is something to know yourself with, and how do you know yourself? Basically, the point is that we identify ourselves with the mind so much. When the mind is happy, we are happy. When the mind is sorrowful, we are sorrowful. When the mind is excited, we are excited…Now, if you want to know the mind, the only way is that it must be an object. You can only know the objects. Subject is the knower. Subject will not be made as knowable. You cannot know the subject. Subject is the knower. Object is the knowable. So, if you want to know the mind, the mind must be objectified and that’s why, in yoga psychology, you are made to watch your body, you are made to watch your breath, you are made to watch your mind also. When you watch your mind, your own awareness, naturally it is objectification: the mind is objectified.’

Prashant Iyengar Interviewed by Christine Perre in August 1998 at the R.M.I.Y.I. with the participation of Cathy Boyer; Corine Biria and Jean-Marie Perre. Transcribed and rewritten by C. Perre. In Class after a Class