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T-Ph17. Yoga Sutras. An Introduction

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Students often struggle to engage with the yoga sutras of Patanjali finding the text dry and uninteresting. This subject introduces the sutras by covering their main themes to build a picture for those wanting to explore the subject in closer detail. Providing an overview and a stepping stone.

This Subject is best completed by focusing on one part being reviewed and digested each week. Articles, videos and text should be read more than once. It is highly recommended that where specific Sutras are referenced that students go to the text to read the full passage. In this way you will become accustomed to the ordering of information along with the context. Reading Sutras air commentary either side of a specific Sutra further enhances this understanding.

As a part of your introduction to the Yoga sutras we include a copy of Patanjali’s-Yoga-Sutras-or-Gems-of-Wisdom taken from the publication 70 Glorious years. We recommend that you download and print a copy of this article and keep as a reference in your copy of Light on Yoga sutras of Patanjali. T-Ph17 is a lifetime enrollment.

Two additional copies of the sutras that would be of great value also are

  • Yoga sutras of Patanjali by Edwin Bryant
  • Yoga. Discipline of freedom by Barbara Stoller Miller

We advise that having all three titles to hand as references as you read any content in this subject is a useful way to capture other interpretations as well as to consolidate your understanding. T-Ph17 is a lifetime enrollment.

We hope you will enjoy this introduction to the Yoga sutras of Patanjali 

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