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T-Ph19. Remedial Assessment

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Remedial Assessment, considers issues pertinent to running remedial classes. This subject also proposes an approach to dealing with injuries in the student body of a school.

Iyengar notes:

‘Yoga is a universal subject.  As the physics and chemistry cannot change for Westerners or Easterners so also yoga cannot be changed.  All the rules, regulations, principles remain the same for both.  Still it is a subject to be dealt with individually according to their capacity of physical, mental, emotional, psychological, intellectual levels.

Though Easterners go on saying, “I have a pain here, I have a pain there”, they will not cry like the Westerners.  They only complain.  Western people want to solve everything intellectually, even the asana or the pains.  An emotional disease has to be worked on emotionally.  So one has to think what one could give this person.  I cannot think only intellectually.  I have to weigh the intellectual and emotional capabilities before handling the student’.

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