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T-T07. Handling diversity

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This subject is under construction and development and will evolve over the coming months. Currently it contains a wealth of articles and extracts from conventions that focus directly on the areas outlined below. Students wishing to enrol at this time should be aware of this current level of development.

Iyengar writes,

‘Yogic methods gives the maximum and the minutest techniques for the cure of a soiled body and mind. In this sense, yoga is therapy. Therapy is treatment The treatment for a disorderly mental and physical condition or disease by remedial techniques is called therapy.’

Iyengar, Yogic therapy Astadala yogamala vol3

Handling diversity identifies common conditions encountered by teachers and provided approaches to managing them in the classroom.

The subject T-T07 Handling diversity contains specific areas of focus relevant to teaching. These include

  • menstruation.
  • pregnancy.
  • back pain.
  • blood pressure.
  • knee pain

Across the areas above there are currently 34 articles and 9 video extracts together they provide an excellent literature review in the interim until the subject is fully developed.

Assess to T-T07 is for 10 weeks from enrolment.

These topics are covered extensively in our specialist workshops where explore fully within a 3 day workshop the principles and practice of the body. These subjects will return to our program in 2022. Details: https://study.yogamandir.com.au/specialist-subjects/

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