Mentoring Overview


Welcome to the Teacher Mentors Section

A mentor is a teacher who is involved in the development of students and more importantly in understanding how we as human beings evolve. We recognise that each student is an individual who arrives with a history, expressing the gunas (an expression of nature) in all its varieties and complexity. Teaching is both an art and a science.

Teacher mentors consider what an individual expresses and is capable of.  have the capacity is an expression of the Vrttis and Klesas. Merely looking at their performance of a discrete set of tasks is not true teaching. A mentor is somebody who weighs the student .

As Iyengar says

‘It is relatively easy to be a teacher of an academic subject, but to be a teacher in art is very difficult, and to be a yoga teacher is the hardest of all, because yoga teachers have to be their own critics and correct their own practice. The art of yoga is entirely subjective and practical. Yoga teachers have to know the entire functioning of the body; they have to know the behaviour of the people who come to them and how to react and be ready to help, to protect and safeguard their pupils.

The requisites of a teacher are many, but I would like to give a few words for you all to catch, understand and work on. Later you can discover many more. The teacher should be clear, clever, confident, challenging, caring, cautious, constructive, courageous, comprehending, creative, completely devoted and dedicated to knowing the subject, considerate, conscientious, critical, committed, cheerful, chaste and calm.

Teachers must be strong and positive in their approach. They must be affirmative to create confidence in the pupils, and negative within themselves so that they can reflect critically on their own practice and attitudes. Teachers must always be learning. They will I earn from their pupils and must have the humility to tell them that they are still learning their art’.

BKS Iyengar. Tree of Yoga On teachers and teaching p 159

read the full passage from Tree of Yoga

Participation in the mentor group does not mean you will be allocated mentoring duties. As a group we will meet together to practice and explore the world of learning


  • Must be Certified teachers
  • Must enrol in the study sessions.
  • Mentors meet with Alan as group every 6-8 weeks. Practice and presentation
  • Presentation from one member- a review and discussion on a 7 minute recording of one trainee’s teaching and practice. A summary of attributes the mentor observes and observations on the gunas, vrttis and klesas.
  • May be allocated to oversee a tutor
  • Coordinate tutor group.