Exercise 1. Turn in mirror

While performing along with the class, if the class is performing the pose on the right side of the body, the teacher should be doing it on the left a mirror image for the student.

BKS Iyengar

When directly opposite students, facing them, the teacher should perform the asana in mirror image. Alternatively, if demonstrating the asana for another teacher, the demonstrator must follow the instruction exactly as it is delivered to the class. In addition, as a student of instruction, can you follow exactly what is said? Can the instruction be acted upon without confusion?

Exercise for trainee/apprentice group session
Four mats formed in a rectangle with a participant on each, facing out. One side (two mats) work in mirror and the other side (two mats) follow the instruction. One trainee/apprentice calls the asana as they do it, while their partner becomes a demonstrator (that is, both doing it on the mirror side). The other two participants follow the instruction on the side that is called.    
This highlights the need to be clear, to move after your instruction, to demonstrate from someone else’s voice, to listen well.