Exercise 4. Linking

Guruji writes:

Instruct the students systematically: begin with the basics. Begin instruction at the foundation of the pose and teach the student to move from the foundation.

BKS Iyengar

Linking uses alignment and an emphasis on detail for a systematic progression in instruction. Linking provides a way to connect one part of the body with another, one asana to another. When linking, emphasis is made upon the connection between parts of the body. In tadasana, for example, join the feet, lift and spread the toes, squeeze the ankles and the shins, align the knees, kneecaps lifted, thighs firm…

With a group of students teach linking points; point to point from one point to another. Then try to teach linking points between asanas. Linking is a skill that when used in a classroom trains the student to sustain attention. It develops a longer span of attention in the student.