Exercise 7. Coordination

Guruji says:

Learn to increase your student’s concentration. Learn to keep the student’s attention.

This exercise makes the student go inwards to coordinate their application of the instruction. The term “coordinations” refers to the link created between two or more points. Its emphasis, however, is to maintain the link between mind and body as the asana action is performed. It is more closely aligned with precision in performance, noted on the inside front cover under “technique”. Do not focus on the link between the points but the continuity of attention.

For example, press the outer back heel as you bend the front knee in virabhadrasana II. Or, bend the front knee without lifting the outer back heel.

Coordinations can encompass two, three or even four points.

Teach a small group of students over two rotations. Moving from side to side, when you have established the instruction, add in coordinations. Try with three points: press the outer back heel as you bend the, front knee, lift the sternum. Try with four points: press the outer back heel as you bend the front knee, lift the sternum and extend back arm. This exercise develops the skill to engage students in an activity that involves their attention fully. When effective, the students do not think because they are holding two or more points.