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Yoga Mandir runs a program for teachers who tutor more junior teachers and trainees. The Tutor Program is an extension of the Reflective practice and Teacher Development program at the Institute. Tutors works closely with their student on a weekly basis and undergo supervision with their senior teacher (Alan Goode) on a regular basis.

Tutors are appointed by Alan to oversee an individual trainee for a period of 6-12 months and are concerned with the process of how individuals learn and evolve as teachers. A Tutor will come to understand that students exist at a point in time and evolve through experience. They have individual characteristics (tendencies and Inclinations) which both assist and hinder them in developing their practice. A Tutor will form a point of view on these tendencies and inclinations and will seek to engage in ways that both reveal the student and develop their insight into themselves.

At their heart a teacher is a learner, and the Tutor relationship benefits both parties. It is an enriching exchange. The third dimension of the Tutor program is supervision. Supervision is an ongoing support offered to Tutors through regular hour long meetings (in person or on zoom) with a senior teacher (Alan Goode).

In the article Address to teachers Iyengar writes

‘Teaching yoga is a very difficult subject but it is one of the best services you can do for human beings. Work, not as a teacher, but as a learner in the art of teaching. Learn from looking at the pupils’ body and mind as they are not the same in all individuals. As it varies, it is your duty as a teacher to bring oneness and the sense of unified feelings in their bodies and minds. As long as you cannot give this, consider that you are still a learner.

As a teacher you are gifted by Providence to learn so that you impart knowledge as your experience grows. Do not say, “I am a teacher, so there is nothing for me to learn”. This is where pride enters. You have to teach affirmatively but search within and find out whether you have created doubts and confusion in your approach and study, how many loose ends were there in your expressions and feelings. Re-study your words and actions, the wrongs or rights you committed while teaching. Re-examine within and build confidence in your pupils. Rethink whatever you did, and work again on your own to find out where you went wrong in explanations or adjustments’.

Iyengar BKS, Address to certified teachers, Astadala Yogamala Vol3
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