Reply To: Reflections on practice


I have been including Pincha Mayurasana into my home practice sequence for the last couple of months kicking up to the wall and in the middle of the room. This week during my practice I was unable to find the balance. Feel the asana. I have had glimpses of the feeling, glimpses of being in the asana. Whilst intense, I find Pincha Mayurasana calming. When will the day come when I can kick up every time and be in Pincha Mayurasana? I sat back in bhadrasana and observed the commentary. Why can’t I balance today? Followed by a parade of obstacles all of which were giving me an opt out option. I remained in bhadrasana and wondered why I wanted this asana so bad. Was it the challenge of the asana or the performance, for a photo shoot. or the sense of achievement? I felt myself nodding to all of the above. I was entering this asana with an external thought pattern. Focusing purely on technique. The asana is familiar enough for me not to worry about that so much. I need the balance to refine the asana. I sat and waited. I don’t know for how long and I observed the commentary fading. I noticed it was there but faint. I turned away from it and I placed the limbs and kicked up into the balance. It felt effortless and I remained there, hanging, until the thoughts of I’m in it’ appeared. I engaged with that thought celebrating and lost the balance.

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