Reply To: Reflections on practice


I was first exposed to ardha chandrasana as a foundation student in a Sunday open class. Without having engaged with it previously in a learning environment, it was pretty confronting and I had no idea of how I was meant to orient myself or what I should be feeling in the body. After learning the asana, for a long time I felt like balance was far from “achievable” (and would I ever get “there”?) and I would find the sensation of stretch in the standing leg would entirely dominate my mind and experience. These days the balance comes easily and I can’t recall the point at which that happened. Now I’d say I find ardha chandrasana pleasant, the sensation of awareness in the 4 limbs spread in different directions. I feel like my mind is really taking a back seat. There are days too where the balance doesn’t come easily or immediately when my mind is “too strong” or struggling to shake off the day. Sometimes with repetition the clarity of the asana comes (and the balance), but I also wonder sometimes whether I should be persevering, or what is the point where I should be applying myself in a different way.

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