Reply To: Reflections on practice


Usually I reluctantly include forward bends into my practice. I suppose it is not only because of the earlier injury which took place during Upavistha Konanasana, but mainly because they require remaining in for a longer time to really feel them. And staying longer, I find them very challenging mainly in two aspects: the first how do not run away into thoughts and the second I do not feel comfortable closing the front of the body and surrender.

Recently, I felt very tired, not only physically but also mentally. Although I had no strength for anything else, again unwillingly I started planned forward bends session, 2 minutes each side, sometimes repetitions. And at the beginning I was entering into thoughts, and returning, as usual, but after some time, after passing through next asanas something start to be different; and I didn’t feel anxious or irritated which is often the case.
I felt that my body is slow and I did not try to do anything against it. At one point it emerged to me that my mind start to follow the body’s movement. There was silence in me, interrupted only by a quiet timer signal that it was time to change side/asana. But neither this nor other sounds from outside had access to this space that was created in me. There were no difficult or easy asana (I did eight different), no one I prefer, or those I want avoid; there were only asanas that felt like merged into one. And I didn’t feel that I was doing something, but rather that I was just part of this time and this space created by the calm body movements through the sequence. This inner silence lasted for a long time after the end of practice.

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