Welcome to the Introducing Sadhana Program

This program is designed to help you commence a self directed practice of Yoga, that is a practice of Yoga that is away from the classroom, a practice where you hold your own pace and timing.

In the program you will start to establish your practice by following the Structured Practice Guide.   This guide gives you steps to following in starting your practice.  You will also have a series of audio recordings available to follow.   As well as starting to practice, you will consider two areas of Yoga Philosophy, these are the Antarayas and the Gunas.  The program is structured to expose you to content relating to both of these topics and provide you with a means to reflect on how this content is relevant to your own practice.

The Program has five ‘parts’. Each part is delivered over a fortnight.  Therefore for each fortnightly part, you will need to log in to Yoga Vidya to review the activities. It is important that you review the Practice Structure for each part at the start of the fortnight so that you can use this information to structure your practice.  Before you begin the activities:

 Familiarise yourself with each of the Handouts available in the Materials section at the top of this page:

  • Program Outline – a brief summary of the Introduction to Sadhana Program outlining what is covered in each part
  • Structured Practice Guide – sets out the practice that you should complete during each part
  • Practice Plan Template – a template to help you plan your practice for each part
  • Practice Log Template – a template for you to record your practice.  You are required to use this template to record your practice, it is suggested that you print out multiple copies of these
  • Stick Figures – a listing of all the stick figures which you can reference when recording your practice
  • Sample Practice Logs and Plans – for your reference sample practice logs and guides have been included for you to refer to.

You should now have a look at the content for Part 1.