Bhramari part 1

In developing a practice it is important to have an established technique before evolving a more nuanced understanding and subtlety through practice. Read this extract from Light on Pranayama to orientate yourself to the subject prior to reviewing the material below. This section contains video clip samples of teaching Viloma drawn from conventions. They are provided to give objective knowledge to underpin your practice so as to gain knowledge from experience (subjective knowledge). Guruji refers to the need for a balance between ‘objective knowledge’ and ‘subjective experience’.

Knowledge has two facets. One is objective and the other subjective. Objective knowledge is based on speculation, thinking and analysis, whereas subjective knowledge is to verify the objective knowledge with experience. Subjective knowledge comes through practical experience and objective knowledge is earned through theoretical study. Yoga is both a practical as well as a theoretical subject, but it is neither blind practice nor a discursive one. Any practice needs some objective knowledge. One puts this objective knowledge or the acquired knowledge into practice, so that one experiences the reality of the objective knowledge. This experienced knowledge again leads towards the act of rethinking, re-analysing and reprocessing to set oneself for a new avenue in knowledge. Due to this renewal of knowledge, practice takes a new shape, leading each objective knowledge into subjective experience and at the same time that subjective experience guides one to express accurately the objective knowledge. This cycle of knowledge from the objective to the subjective and from the subjective to the objective produces a certain reaction in one and develops a memory tasting like a ripe fruit

BKS Iyengar. Astadala Yogamala Vol 1, Yoga freedom through discipline, p 103

Watch this 54 miniute video of Geeta Iyengar teaching Bhramari in Canada in 2008 and make notes. Following this, answer the questions in the Quiz before moving on to the second segment