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Three point delivery of instruction is where the teacher delivers instruction in the asana focusing on three points only. These three points may be surrounded by additional statements and instruction, but the use of consistent phrases and key terms remains unchanged when teaching from side to side.

The three point skill requires that the teacher limits instruction to deliver the points consistently. It is a skill that develops competence in students through repetition and consolidation. It cultivates confidence in the students by sending them a consistent message of what to do in the asana, which can be remembered later. Students who develop confidence in their actions are more likely to practise.

For example, prepare three points for delivery in trikonasana as per the table below:

AsanaPoints2 Methods of practice
  TrikonasanaBig toe mound (BTM)R hand on a block/or L heel to wall
Turn and tuck the R buttock
Press the outer L heel

When instructing the student it will be necessary to tell them how to jump to utthita hasta padasana, how to turn and align the feet in parsva hasta padasana. These, however, are not the points. They are necessary initially but become redundant as the teaching progresses. Instruction on the arms and chest may be used also, but as the asana moves from side to side the emphasis on these instructions diminishes whilst the three points are repeated and emphasised.

A model for three point delivery of instruction (three point repetition/reduction) can be viewed in the following table:

Decide on three points you wish to teach in trikonasana
Sides 1 & 2Teach your three points within the information of how to get into and out of the asana. Include detail of how to jump, foot position and leg alignment, leg actions, spinal alignment.
Sides 3 & 4Economise the language and emphasis on positioning the feet and getting into the asana. Example: turn the feet to the R so that the R foot is in line with the L instep; with legs straight, exhale and go to the asana. Your three points and key phrases remain unchanged.
Sides 5 & 6Reduce instruction from full sentences that describe and inform the asana to become short statements that reference these descriptions. Example: inhale, jump the feet apart; turn and align the feet to the R; turn, exhale and to go to the asana. Maintain your three points and phrases.
Sides 7 & 8Reduce the instruction so that there is nothing left but the three points you wish to deliver. Example: inhale, jump the feet apart; to the R, press the R BTM; turn and tuck the R buttock; press into the outer L heel; as you exhale go to the pose. Use repetition of the points when in the asana to consolidate.