Part 2: Reflect Copy

  1. Did you subdivide the practice into several shorter sessions or complete the practice in one session?
  2. Did you start the practice/s at the allocated start time/s? Did you finish on time?
  3. What was easy, what was hard in the practice?
  4. Did you get distracted, when and why?
  5. Fill in your practice log table/diary.

Reflect on the following quote from Dona Holleman, one of early students of BKS Iyengar, and a renowned yoga teacher.

‘The first characteristic of a dedicated student or any creative person is that, when confronted with something that needs to be understood and manifested, he does not stop until he gets it. The keen student is often not the one who ‘gets it’ immediately, but the one who doesn’t. This student does not care to just please the teacher, but has a real need for knowledge. He is not satisfied until he really ‘gets it’. This may take much longer than trying to understand something merely intellectually. For a long time he may feel unsatisfied and insecure, and for this reason keeps on practicing. In this he is not mechanical, blindly following the instructions of the teacher, but is constantly searching for the wholeness of the asana or the breathing movement. Because he is never satisfied, he finally reaches a high level of practice and understanding.’ Holleman, D. Becoming-a-yogi, Not dated