Part 4 Pranayama Practice Overview Copy

Part 4 Pranayama Practice Overview

This page provides additional details for those unfamiliar with the Pranayama practices introduced in Part 4.  It provides an overview of the pranayama setup and each of the pranayama included in the Structured Practice Guide for part 4. 

Video 1 – This video outlines the equipment setup for Pranayama

Video 2 – This video gives a step by step guide on how to position the body for Pranayama

Description audios

The following audio files are intended for those unfamiliar with the various types of pranayama included within this part, you may listen to them to become familiar so that you can then practice the pranayama for the suggested timing. 

Ujjayi 2

Ujjayi 3

Ujjayi 4

Viloma 1

Setup Photos

The following photographs are provided for continued reference on the correct setup for Pranayama. 


Body Position