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P-10. Bhastrika & Kapalabhati

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‘Bhastrika means bellows: air is forcibly drawn in and out as if using a pair of bellows. In all other types of pranayama inhalation sets the pace, the pattern and the rhythm for exhalation, but in bhastrika exhalation sets the force and the pace. Here both out and in-breaths are vigorous and forceful. The sound is like that made by a blacksmith’s bellows’.[1]

Iyengar BKS. Light on Pranayama p.176

This subject is presented in parts and contains articles, videos, and quotes. It is advisable to immerse yourself in the subject, consuming the content thoroughly. Apply a reflective mode, where you might read an article prior to, or immediately after practice. Keep a reflective journal to note your experiences as you engage through the Learn, Study, Practise modes offered throughout this subject. Quotes are often accompanied by an extract of the text. Take the time to engage deeply with the extracts provided. More importantly, support the authors by purchasing the publications for your own library.  Articles and book extracts are provided for student study material only and comply with copyright laws. P-10 is a lifetime enrollment

The material in this subject is not intended as a replacement for a teacher but brings together a diverse range of material including articles and video extracts from conventions to deliver a literature review along with experiential knowledge gained through practice. 

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