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T-T01. Language of Asana

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‘The selection of specific words at crucial moments to link mind and body is implicit in the Iyengar method in a way that is unique to this style of practice for two reasons. First, because Iyengar Yoga uses the asanas as a vehicle of exploration of the mind it has devised a set of phrases and descriptive terms (because everyday language does not adequately meet the task) to sequence and engage the experience (‘draw up’, ‘lengthen, etc’). Secondly, as asana is an experience in the moment (a philosophy in action) language is also used in a qualitative way (terms such as ‘hit’, ‘cut’, ‘squeeze’, etc). Thus yoga is not only about what you do, but…. “how you do what you do”, and its language is the medium by which this is transmitted from teacher to student’.

Alan Goode

This 7 part subject requires review of video classes, practice reflection. Submissions include recording oneself, assignment uploads.

Valuable for all those seeking to understand the role of language in teaching.

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